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My name is Trish and I am a storyteller and a curator of adventures, places, and experiences.


This blog was borne out of the desire to live a filled with adventure – big or small – and having the best fun while I am at it.  A true tomboy at heart, I am obsessed with the outdoors and technical gear (I am a hoarder of technical jackets and I have a fetish for wool socks).  But only as much as I love being a self-confessed francophile and pretending I'm Italian in the kitchen.  I salsa dance like a boss and I like bingeing on movies on long flights.  I like listening to Christmas music in August and I hope one day to trek in Bhutan.  I am born and bred in Manila, Philippines, but now living the American dream - yet still hoping to somehow redefine what that all means someday.  


And full disclosure: I don’t know how to do cartwheels.  But everyday is an opportunity to learn and be silly, and even if I never learn how to do one to save my life, I won't be one to say I did not have the giddiest time trying.  

And by the way, about those cartwheels...

Some brands i cartwheel with