Bonjour!  My name is Trish Sebastian, writer, photographer and traveler behind Do Cartwheels with Me, a blog advocating adventure and travel all over the world.  I am proposing to form a unique collaboration with Chamonix Mont Blanc Tourism to promote Chamonix as a viable destination to an audience in the United States interested in adventure and outdoor vacations through compelling storytelling and photography of real-life experiences in Chamonix Mont Blanc.


The Story I Tell


My name is Trish Sebastian and I am a real-life traveler and adventurer with a curious attitude and a love for the outdoors.  My blog, Do Cartwheels with Me, was borne out of sharing inspring stories and empowering others to seek out their own adventures as I live out mine.  


I write about extraordinarily beautiful places around the world, the outdoors, and adventure.

What I am Proposing



I will be visiting Chamonix Mont Blanc for the first time on July 10-13, 2015.  I would like to write extensively about my adventures and experiences in Chamonix with the purpose of bringing publicity, interest, and excitement around Chamonix as a travel destination to audiences in the United States.  


I also understand that 2015 is an important year in the history of Chamonix Mont Blanc as it celebrates 150 years of the golden age of mountaineering.  By extensive exposure via stories and photography on my website, the importance of this event will reach a much wider, international audience.  ​​​​​​​​



My Audience


In April 2015, my blog has a reach of 2,000 pageviews.  65% of the readers are from the United States, and of that percentage, most are from Reno-Tahoe (where I live) and California.  


Reno-Tahoe is very similar to Chamonix in that residents love and live for the outdoors.  In the Lake Tahoe area, there are 15 ski resorts, as well as an abundance of hiking and mountain bike trails.  This means that Chamonix as a travel destination is a natural fit for people in my immediate demographic who already have outdoorsy lifestyles to begin with.    

What I Will Do


  • Carefully written and in-depth stories about first-hand adventures in Chamonix Mont Blanc

  • Compelling photography featuring Chamonix Mont Blanc

  • Usage of paid Facebook ads to direct web traffic to the Chamonix Mont Blanc features on my website

  • Provide unlimited access of all content and photography to Chamonix Mont Blanc Tourism Office for use in its own promotion efforts

  • All travel expenses, including transportation to Chamonix, will be paid for by myself

What I Need


A coverage like the one I'm proposing will require the support and collaboration of the Official Tourism Office to write the story.  In exchange for the exposure to Chamonix, I am seeking the following:

  • A guided adventure or two, such as hiking or mountain biking

  • Access to an 1865 Exhibit

  • A Mont Blanc MultiPass

  • Discounted hotel room rates 

  • A press kit

  • Ultimately, you are the local experts so if there are activities or areas you would like to showcase to an international market, please feel free to use me as a platform for your messaging. 



Sample Work


A fun, fresh, and original approach to promoting Chamonix as a real travel destination to an international audience


People respond to storytelling and to accounts of first-hand experiences.  That is why people rely on online reviews.  People trust real-life experiences.  What I am offering is exactly this - storytelling about first-hand adventures in Chamonix - particularly to people who might not know too much about the region, but who have a natural affinity for travel and the outdoors.    


And 2015 being an important year to Chamonix Mont Blanc as 150 years of alpinism is celebrated, I would be able to bring compelling stories to an international audience in the United States about why Chamonix should be their destination of choice when they consider a trip focused on nature, adventure, and the outdoors.


I understand that mine is a unique proposition but the world of travel is shifting and social media has become a powerful tool in attracting tourism.  I hope you will find my ideas for collaboration compelling. I would be thrilled to hear from you if you would like to explore further.  Please click below to send me an email to continue the conversation.  





Trish Sebastian

Writer & Traveler

Do Cartwheels with Me