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My addiction appreciation for coffee was spurred by The Dutch boyfriend.  He romanced me with making me a kickass cuppa every morning.  It was love at first expert microfoam.  The rest is history.


All romanticism aside, I love the perfect cappuccino made with geekiness and obsessiveness of a Type A barista.  And of artisanally roasted beans (I prefer it on the dark side), fair trade and organic, when possible.  It realize it is utter snobbery, but if you've had a rich coffee, you know you can't go back to Starbucks ever.  


But more than the coffee, I seek out cafes wherever I travel as a way to feel the pulse of a place, in the hopes of getting initiated into the local culture, and to belong to that local scene, albeit temporarily.  Besides, cafes photograph well!

my favorite

Four Barrel

375 Valencia

San Francisco, CA








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270 7th

San Francisco, CA


Santa Cruz, CA

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Chicago, IL


Kyoto, Japan

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Wijk Aan Zee,

The Netherlands

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Old World Coffee

104 California Avenue

Reno, NV

Blue Whale

32 Cheney

Reno, NV

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727 Riverside

Reno, NV

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1430 28th Street

Sacramento, CA

The Mill 

1827 I Street

Sacramento, CA

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112 N Green Street

(West Loop) Chicago, IL

The Cannon

179 Ottawa St. N

Hamilton, Ontario


Death Valley's Little Brother

84 King St. N

Waterloo, Ontario