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Plan when you want to go.  They recommend to go in the summer (December to February) when it's dry.  We went in early November when the crowds have not arrived yet, and except for a light drizzle on a couple evenings, the sun was out so we were able to see th...


Oftentimes, travelers put on a lot of pressure on themselves.  After all, traveling

requires quite a bit of planning and it is in our nature to plot things out, if only to work the

machinations of our imaginations.  I myself have a spreadsheet that...

 The waters that rush down from the mountains are very pristine, you could literally drink it (and we did).

There is no other place I've been to where such water purity existed!

From this point on, it would get grueling by the minute.

The next 2-3 miles would see us climb...


Perito Moreno Glacier is located on the south end of Los Glaciares National Park in the Patagonia region

of Argentina.  The base town for Perito Moreno is El Calafate which is serviced by El Calafate International

Airport (FTE) with direct flights from Buenos...

But if I were to be honest, it took a couple days for Buenos Aires to grow on me,

but after I have left, I can’t seem to shake it off.  It is WEIRD. BA is busy, dirty

even in some parts.  It was a confusing mix of Paris-esque 19th century buildings

straddled between no...

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