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There is no other continent that has so captured my imagination than Europe.  As silly as it may sound, having had prolific travels in Europe has been the pinnacle of my travel dreams.  Having grown up with very little money, visiting Europe has once been so farfetched.  The culture, the language, the architecture, the food - it is all so enthralling to me.  


I made my first visit in 2011 and it was more than what my dreams could have conjured up.  It remains one of my favorite destinations.  I love getting lost in its cobblestone streets, between its ancient walls.  The reality of European life is so different from anything I've ever lived and I'm fascinated that in places like Siena or even in a bustling capital like Amsterdam, how much of their heritage and culture they've retained in the midst of an unstoppably and rapidly changing world. 





Small Town: Duiven