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Food is a celebration &

should be a cause for cartwheels.

Because if it came frozen from a box with instructions to nuke it in the microwave, or if you have to sit in your car to snort it as fast and as thoughtlessly as you can, what's the point?  


Gastronomy is not about snobbery.  It's respecting where your food comes from, how it's grown, how much attention it got while it's being prepared. Why?  Because that's what we all deserve.  Because that makes us feel better and live longer.  And food loved like that just simply tastes better.  

June 9, 2018


I donate books I've already read, but a select few, I keep.  Like many people today, I too would confess to being touched by the genius of Anthony Bourdain.  I've admired him first as a writer before I've followed his many adventures on TV.  Perhaps because his...

August 8, 2017

San Cristobal Hotel, Baja California Sur Photos and Blog Review

December 12, 2016



Not to cause panic, but did you realize it’s only two weeks

before Christmas?  While online shopping has left our lives

changed forever, there’s something special and festive about

Christmas shopping at an actual store (where you act...

November 19, 2016


It has been the topic of serious and grave

conversation everywhere lately. The holidays are already upon us and most

everyone is pretty much wondering (with undisguised panic) the same thing to

almost the same degree as post American presid...

October 25, 2016

ROMANCE ITALIAN WONDER WAYS SERIES   If it is at all possible to fall in love even more with Italy, then it would be here.Rome.Just the thought of Rome is movi

October 16, 2016

BFF Cafe, Reno NV: Your BFF is You. Before last Sunday, I could probably count with two fingers the number of things I would wake up super early for on a Sunday morning: (1) an ea

September 10, 2016


Labor Day just wrapped up and just like that, summer is (almost) over.
Where everywhere else would see a cooling down, San Francisco is
actually on a somewhat upside-down rebellious inversion mood.

It's my favorite time to visit San Francisco.  Hot...

September 3, 2016



Maybe because they've been living in civilized existence for many centuries

ahead of the rest of the world and by default, had had more practice when

it comes to excellent living, but don't you agree that when it comes to the

good life...

August 8, 2016



San Francisco is a favorite in itself anyway and although I don't

exactly yearn for its crazy hustle-and-bustle enough to make it 

an everyday reality, I do have a ball everytime I visit.  Especially
when the food and the coffee is serio...

June 20, 2016


3014 20th street

san francisco, ca


For me, coffee and travel go together.

Like a warm day and a chilled glass of wine.

And finding craft coffee and/or local roasters have

become a ritual because it is often in cafes one finds the

local pulse and a...

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