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Postcards from Holland:  Keukenhof

Not far from the Amsterdam Schipol Airport is Keukonhof, a massive garden primarily showcasing tulips, which is Holland's claim to fame in the flora department, but also other beautiful blooms.  We went in September and although already quite impressive, it's even better in the Springtime when the tulips and all the other blooms are right at their peak.


The Dutch put on a good show at Keukonhof.  There are period actors and some live classical acts that bring a romantic mood.  There's also a market and some food halls within Keukenhof itself and it is encouraged that you linger for as long as you would like!  


If you go:  There will be a lot of walking so wear comfortable shoes.  It's always smart to bring a rain jacket or an umbrella.  This is Holland and one never knows when it's going to be wet and soggy!  For more information, click here for the official website of Keukenhof.