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Do Cartwheels with Me is a blog that aims to stoke wanderlust and adventure among the desk jockeys among us.  It is a travelogue that seeks to inspire the 9-to-5-er to explore beyond the cubicle to meaningful travels and outdoor pursuits.  

Do Cartwheels with Me is the brainchild and labor of love by Trish Sebastian, a Filipino-American storyteller who currently resides in the beautiful eastern Sierras in the US.  Having never had the means to travel while growing up, Trish values traveling as a privilege.  She documents experiences and adventures - be it in her home turf of Reno and Lake Tahoe, or the Italian countryside, or a bustling metropolis in Asia - with depth, unique storytelling, and compelling photography.  Although employed full-time (and loving it), Trish has managed to work on projects promoting destinations such as the Italian Wonder Ways in Central Italy and Chamonix-Mont Blanc in France.  She has collaborated with brands such as Eddie Bauer, Clarks, and Farm-to-Feet and had been a Team Sierra Blogger for Sierra Trading Post, a leading American outdoor gear retail company.  Trish also takes on social media strategy projects for local businesses in Reno, Nevada. 




america as a market

  • The economy has rebounded and stabilized and consumer confidence remains high

  • The strong US dollar makes international travel appealing now more than ever.  

  • California is the biggest economy in the United States.  It is the state where powerhouse cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley is

blog reach

  • ~1,000 average monthly page visits

  • Audience is primarily North America, with concentration in the West Coast states of California and Nevada, but also has footprint in Europe and Southeast Asia

  • Combined 1,200 organic followers on Instagram & Facebook

  • Demographic is 55% within the 25-44 age group, employed, active, adventurous, and have the financial ability to travel

  • Audience interests in travel, gastronomy, culture and photography

a collaboration

I can help tell your story and inspire people to travel to your destination.

I already reach an audience of curious and adventurous travelers,

many of whom are in the Western United States.  

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