Ciao!  My name is Trish Sebastian, writer, photographer and traveler from the United States behind Do Cartwheels with Me, a blog advocating agritourism and slow food all over the world.  I am proposing to form a unique collaboration with Piemonte Turismo to promote Piedmont as a viable destination to an audience in the United States interested in gastronomy through compelling storytelling and photography of real-life travel experiences in Turin, Barolo, and the Piedmont Region.


Today's travel landscape, in my point of view as a traveler...

  • Is very competitive.  It is a post-geography world where we can travel anywhere we want to.  Travelers like me have an infinite number of options for destinations.  A cruise?  A safari?  The beach?  Antartica or Galapagos?  Paris or Rome?  Asia or Europe?

  • Piedmont as a destination is virtually unknown by the average American, not like other regions of Italy such as Tuscany


  • The US Dollar is at its strongest in a long time

  • The American economy is continuing to strengthen and the average American in traveling again

  • A growing number of Americans are cultivating a fascination in cooking, slow food, organic food, and gastronomy in general

The Piedmont Edge

Out of my own accord, I have chosen to travel to Piedmont in July 2015 for the following reasons:

  • Having visited Toscana and Emilia-Romagna in May 2014, I am somewhat initiated into Italian gastronomy and I want to explore more parts of your amazing country

  • I love Barolo wine and I would like to learn more about the Barolo region 

  • A place that is not overly touristy gives me a real sense of intimacy with a place and genuineness of the experience.  Piedmonte, in my mind, is still one of those under-the-radar places 

  • Reasonable costs of traveling to Piedmont

  • Agritourism and the slow food movement

How can Piedmont gain market share as a destination, given the above-mentioned conditions?

What if you use me as a (willing) conduit?

Let me tell your story.

The Story I Tell


My name is Trish Sebastian and I am a real-life traveler and adventurer with an intrepid wanderlust streak.  My blog, Do Cartwheels with Me, was borne out of sharing inspring stories and empowering others to seek out their own adventures as I live out mine through traveling.    


My Blog Audience


  • ~ 25,000 visits to date

  • 2,000 pageviews in April 2015 and growing

  • 65% of the readers from the United States

  • Demographic of ~30 years old +

  • While people like me only have a limited amount of time off from work to travel, we have a decent amount of spending power


What I am Proposing



I will be visiting Piedmont for the first time on July 7-10, 2015, en route to the Alps.  I would like to write extensively about gastronomic experiences in Piedmont with the purpose of bringing publicity, interest, and excitement around the region as a travel destination to audiences in the United States.  


I also understand that Piedmont could get some tourism overflow as a result of the Milan Expo.  Availability of first-hand and in-depth coverage of a traveler's experiences in Piedmont could help generate interest from these potential tourists as well.   


What I Will Do


  • Carefully written and in-depth stories and compelling photography about first-hand experiences in Piedmont to be published in my blog and other websites I write for

  • Provide unlimited access of all content and photography to BITEG/Piemonte Turismo for use in your own promotion efforts

  • Flights and rental car costs will be paid for by myself. 

Collaboration Requirements


I need your help in writing Piedmont's story.  In exchange for the exposure and coverage of Piedmont, I am seeking complimentary access to: 

  • Barolo wine-tasting at a DOC/DOCG winery

  • Food tour/tasting

  • Ideas where to find best local food or markets

  • Negotiated hotel room rate in Turin

  • A press kit


These are just some ideas.  Ultimately, you are the local experts and I would be open to activities or areas you would like to showcase to a largely American market.



Sample Work


A fun, fresh, and original approach to promoting Piedmonte as a possible travel destination to an international audience


People respond to storytelling and to accounts of first-hand experiences.  That is why people rely on online reviews or give credence to blogs.  People trust real-life experiences.  What I am offering is exactly this - storytelling about first-hand adventures in Piedmonte - particularly to people who might not know too much about the region, but who have a natural affinity for gastronomy and great wine.  


I understand that mine is a unique proposition but the world of travel is shifting quickly and social media and blogs have become powerful tools in reaching niche markets.  I hope you will find my ideas for collaboration compelling. Please click below to send me an email to continue the conversation.  I hope to hear from you!





Trish Sebastian

Writer & Traveler

Do Cartwheels with Me