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My Favorite Day Pack: Camelbak Mule NV

February 23, 2015

If you're wondering what's jammed in that bag, I rode my bike to the grocery and was able to shove:

1.  A bunch of carrots

2.  A big box of mushrooms

3.  A romaine lettuce

4.  A bunch of cilantro

5.  A thumb sized ginger 

6.  No bladder


It is and isn't the primary purpose of the bag.  I'm sure when the bag was engineered it was intended to hold a bladder (that blue sack of drinking water), probably light layers, and some other small supplies for people riding their mountain bikes or hiking.  And I use it for that purpose and it works great.  


But why stop there?


And yes, after two years of using it for the actual purpose it was intended for - I love this bag and will never part with it.  Here's why:

1.  It is very sturdy with no signs of wear two years in.

2.  It has a "raincoat" stuffed in the lower bottom pocket to protect your bag's contents in snow or rain.

3.  I have a small frame and this one fits me to a tee.  A pack specialist at REI advised me that the lower of the straps that goes around the front of your body should sit right above the belly button.  This one does!

4.  The bladder, which is not a unique feature to this Camelbak, holds two liters and is enough for about a four hour hike.  

5.  I mean, don't you love those colors?  It may seem gaudy to some, but if I'm cycling on the road, I want to be seen.

6.  Lifetime guarantee - which means this is probably the only small pack I will ever own in my lifetime.  


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