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My Favorite Jacket of All Time: Eddie Bauer First Ascent StormDown

February 28, 2015


I grew up in a culture where your wardrobe defines you and there was a lot of self-imposed pressure on women to not be caught dead wearing the same thing twice.  If you get caught in a picture wearing the same outfit, it is social suicide. 


I'm glad I removed myself from that kind of absurdity because this jacket and I go practically everywhere together and I have tons of pictures to prove it!  I love this jacket and I will most likely wear it forever since it comes with a lifetime warranty.  


I've had this jacket for two winters (and counting) and yet still has no signs of wear.  I've worn it countless times hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, and sometimes running in the dead of winter.  This jacket has also gone on many travels with me, anywhere there's a chance of chilly weather, be it the California Coast, Berlin, Holland or Japan.


Here are the best things about this jacket:

1.  Puffy doesn't mean anything.  This might look like a lightweight but because of the ribs filled with goose down, these are actually more insulating than fat poofy marshmallow jackets.  I won't wear this in sub-freezing, but if I have to, I could if I layer well underneath.

2.  It's very lightweight and packable.  For traveling or taking this in a day pack, weight and packability are important!

3.  It's wind-proof.  And that hood?  I don't hesitate wearing it if I feel the slightest chill.  Go ahead. Call me a dork. 

4.  It has pockets in the right places.

5.  Although washable, I chuck it in the laundry sparingly.  I've probably only washed it once.  Air dry works great anyway.  

6.  That lifetime guarantee is pretty rad.  I have not tested it, but I love the idea that I can just exchange it for a new one if a zipper fails.

7.  The fit is flattering.  


The catch is that it's not waterproof.  I've worn it in rainy conditions, but always under an umbrella.  It is also fine to wear skiing, just not on days when there's some chance of wet snow to fall. 


I never pay full price for anything and if you must get this jacket, I recommend getting it at the end of the season (which is right now).  If you time it right, you could get it on clearance PLUS 40% off which is what they had on offer last President's Day.  


I wish I could go and get one.


Aw shucks.  But I already have one.    


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