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My Favorite OOTD for Biking Like a Girl

February 28, 2015

I own heels, don't get me wrong.  But I find Outdoor Outfits of the Day more exciting.


I love, love, love mountain biking.  It's one of those sports where I truly feel natural at and even kick some (guys') ass.  But I realize that to have a great time on the trail, comfort and performance are a prime consideration when choosing what to wear.  And I must admit.  Scoring high on the cuteness scale is a bonus.  Now, realize that I mountain bike recreationally and if I were competing at some race (which I don't see in my future) my gear choices would probably look a lot different.  


Here are my essentials for riding out on a warm winter/brisk spring day.


1.  Specialized MTB helmet

2.  Pearl Izumi jersey

3.  Pearl Izumi Elite cycling jacket  I love this one because it reists wind as you're warming up.  When you've actually warmed up enough, the sleeves zip off and you can tuck them away in the jacket's backpocket.  Now you've gone from jacket to vest.  

4.  Novara cycling skort with gel liner.  After grueling uphills and bouncy downhills, your tush will thank you for having a gel liner so cushy.  

5.  Specialized gloves

6.  Peppers polarized sunglasses.  Sunglasses are a must anyway when on the trail because it keeps dirt and small bugs out of your eyes.  I like wearing polarized sunglasses because they significantly reduce the glare.  


I encourage women to go on the trail, try a new sport, and if you feel natural in one, invest in some really good technical gear.  I never feel compelled to buy more than these (although some cycling shorts would be nice and some MTB shoes) because they work great and I really don't see the point of hoarding.  


And if you must know, except for the helmet, I did not pay full price for any one of these! 


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