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On the Radar in Reno: Fifty South Virginia

March 25, 2015

An impromptu bike ride with a friend last Sunday to Reno led to a tour of one of the most promising buildings in downtown Reno I've seen in a while.  What was the Post Office on 50 South Virginia is now a restored historic building set to open in the summer (yes - of this year!) that will house a slew of exciting local business in the basement, a high-end retail on the main floor, and offices on the second and third floors. 


Because it is on the list of the National Register of Historic Places, every measure had to be taken to restore and preserve the elements that make it historic.  If you have the penchance for nostalgia, that is awesome news since the building is full of details that are rare to find nowadays.         

 The part I am most excited about is the basement, which is an industrial space with (original) brick walls, exposed pipes, and concrete floors.  There will be a coffee shop, a juice bar, a barber shop, a flower shop.  There will be a vertical garden outside the windows.  A lecture/events hall will be in the center of the basement.  

It is a very promising project and I hope this city is ready for it.  Fifty South Virginia is located on at 50 South Virginia, right next to the river.  It is scheduled to open in August/September of this year.  For more updates, like their page on Facebook.





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