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Reno Food: Quasi-Homemade Pizza by way of Reno Provisions

April 12, 2015

I'm one of those who are sticklers for quality food.  People often perceive quality to equate expensive (and there are actually triggers in our brain that correlate the two), but they really don't have to be.  Sometimes, when the Dutch and I sit down for dinner, we calculate how much the dinner we made cost us and to use this pizza dinner as an example, our dinner probably cost ~$5.00 for the entire thing.


And if these are the same dough they use for the wood-fired Campo pizzas, then you can deduce that they are going to be awesome.  


If you haven't been yet, Reno Provisions is a local food market in downtown Reno that opened just this last winter.  I've popped my head in there a few times and have watched a demo by their pastry chef, Maarten van Kruyssen.  I've seen the prepared pizza dough they sell for barely nothing and I have been wanting to try it since.  


The right craving hit at the right time.  For $1.75 for a bag of gourmet pizza dough good enough for two thin crust pizzas when rolled, this would make for a lovely quasi homemade dinner to top dining out.  

You will need:

Reno Provisions pizza dough

Marinara sauce either pre-made by Reno Provisions or DIY.  We actually made our own for this batch.  Recipe below.

Couple basil leaves

A mozzarella ball or two, depending on how cheesy you want your pizza

An Italian sausage, broken up with a spoon in a pan while cooked in its own fat

Parmesan cheese for grating (optional)

To make:

1.  Split the dough into two if you want your pizza on the svelte side.  Otherwise you can use the entire bag.

2.  Dust a flat surface and a rolling pin with semolina flour or tipo 00, if you have it.    

3.  Begin working the dough with a rolling pin until you've reached the desired thickness.  Set your dough on a baking pan brushed with a little olive oil.  (I use a USA pan - these things work amazing!) 

4.  Slather on your sauce while your oven is preheating to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can also buy marinara sauce at Reno Provisions (pictured above) or you could make your own (I did).

5.  Tear up pieces of mozzarella on the pizza, add fresh basil and finish off with cooked Italian sausage.  You can, of course, apply your creativity to suit your own tastes and cravings.

6.  Bake in the oven for 7-10 minutes or until the crust is golden.

7.  Take out and serve immediately.  Pizza is best when enjoyed right out of the oven!  


If making your own marinara:

1.  Cook a chopped garlic clove in olive oil.

2.  When a bit golden, add a can of whole tomatoes.  

3.  Add a few torn basil leaves.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.

4.  Stew for 20 minutes or longer.  

And I cannot, in good conscience, finish this post without a quick plug for healthy eating. Consider a good workout before digging in.  :)  


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