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The Best Asian Food in Reno

April 20, 2015

They say that to find out where the best Asian food is, go where the Asians eat.  Me and a few of my friends fit the "Asian" category and here's a list of our favorite Asian food in the biggest little city.  We also tend to be an over-critical bunch so what you see is what has funneled through a panel of discrimminting palates.  #biggestlittlefoodie


Chinese/Seafood:  Crawfish Asian Cuisine

1296 E. Plumb Lane, Reno (near the airport)


Whether you're a crustacean lover or not, there is bucketloads to love about Crawish Asian.  This has so far been the only place in town yet where I've had shrimp that tasted like it did back home.  

What to Order:  Bagged crawfish and/or shrimp served in bags (or bowl, as pictured) soaking in magic savory sauce. Don't miss the Peking duck which they prep tableside as they stuff them in steam buns smeared with plum sauce and topped with scallions.  Just saying that makes me want to drive over there right now.  The fried rice is reminiscent of how it tastes back in Asia.    

Bonus:  Happy Hour from Mondays to Fridays, 4-6.  $5 cocktails (the one infused with tea is delicious) and $5 appetizers.  We could not get enough of the calamari.     


Ramen:  Gaman Ramen

138 West Street, Reno (downtown)

Larry Dunning is my absolute favorite chef in all of the valley.  His other restaurant, Bowl, is one of my favorites in town because of the creativity of his bowls and quality ingredients.  It was about the only place in town I could find a decent duck confit and when he starts fiddling in the ramen territory, I am predisposed to like it.  I must admit that my first visit when they just opened was unimpressive, but I had faith in Chef Larry.  The second time around, I knew I was right.  This is the best and only place to get ramen in Reno.

What to Order:  I order tonkotsu ramen by default and Gaman's is loud-slurp-worthy.  I mean, would you look at that thick, milku broth?  A friend ordered the duck ramen and he also swears by it!


Thai:  Thai Lotus

6430 South Virginia, Reno (south Reno)


There are plenty Thai restaurants in town and what the best one is a matter of debate among locals. A Thai friend of mine likes Thai Chili (on South Virginia).  I personally like coming to Thai Lotus.  

What to Order They have a big reportoire of dishes and I tend to gravitate to red curry with pineapples. or if I've earned carbs, the Thai street noodle.


Modern Thai:  Cafe de Thai 

6430 South Virginia, Reno (south Reno)

For a less traditional take on Thai food, check out Cafe de Thai in south Reno.  The building itself is beautiful with big windows all over.  

What to Order I have never had a bad meal here and if it wasn't that much of a drive from where I live, I would probably come here more often.  I just recently ordered the grilled cornish hen marinated in lemongrass and a bunch of other spices served with a cup of sticky rice.  It was  divine.  They also have daily specials that are worth checking out.  

Bonus:  If you can, make room for dessert! Pick from a selection of Thai desserts with a Thai twist rolled on a cart.  


Taiwanese:  101 Taiwanese 

400 W 5th Street, Reno (downtown)


They've just recently expanded which is telling of their growing popularity.  The place is always filled with Asians!

What to OrderI like the braised pork with rice and I order the beef brisket noodle soup when I'm jonesing for something comforting.  I resist the urge to order fried food, but at this place, the popcorn chicken always wins. 


Indian:  India Kabob and Curry

1091 So. Virginia, Reno (midtown)


This is probably the only Indian place in town that I patronize.  It is SO good.  

What to Order My favorite is their chicken tandoori but come here for the lunch buffet and you can sample their most popular dahl (lentils) and curries.  


Sushi:  Tha Joint

222 Los Altos Parkway, Sparks (north Sparks)


Like Thai food, the best sushi in town is a matter of argument.  This is more a neighborhood joint since it's almost right in the thick of suburbia. 

What to Order We like coming here for the poke salad, the Epic High, and the One in a Million. Nigiri is more hit than miss - a reminder that Reno is landlocked and the freshest sashimi in the dessert might as well be a pipe dream. 


Pho:  Golden Flower

205 W. 5th Street (downtown)


I like this place for sentimental reasons and have been coming here when it was divier.  It feels like a Reno institution and was perfect for late nights downtown.   

What to Order Their seafood pho is my go-to.  They also make a good Peking duck.  


All-Around: Rim at The Grand Sierra Resort Casino

205 W. 5th Street (downtown)


Having a tough time picking just a single Asian cuisine?  At Rim inside the Grand Sierra Resort, you don't have to pick just one.  They have  a little bit of almost everything - sushi, Korean, Malaysian, and Chinese.  

What to Order I love their Singapore-style noodles and the boyfriend has a thing for Malaysian style curry.  Their lychee creme brulee is a must! 


Now who did I miss?  And who else wants to lobby for a legit dimsum place in town?  Comment below!    

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