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Walk on the Wild Side: Hiking Carson Pass Trail to Lake Winnemucca Trail

April 27, 2015

I am running again after a six-month hiatus caused by a knee injury.  I never was a serious or competitive runner but I had a wave of relief knowing that I am not permanently damaged goods. After all, ski season is just around the corner and I would hate to sit this one out. 


While I was "under repair", my physical activity was limited to cycling and swimming.  Since I wasn't yet able to do the latter, and since it's no fun cycling uphill in near-100 degree weather, I took the risk of going against orthopedic's orders and hiked long distances, sometimes, with ascents not to be scoffed at.  I lucked out that I did not further damage my torn knee parts (exhibit A: paragraph 1 above) while exploring the many stretches of desolated peaks and valleys in the region.

My favorite one was a hike to the surreal and dreamy Winnemucca Lake, through a raging burst of wildflowers in the Carson Pass Trail (sidenote: if you're one of those who've picked up Cheryl Strayed's book "Wild", the Carson Pass Trail intersects PCT). 

It was a clear day in July.  The sunshine was ridiculous and the fresh mountain air was so crisp, it was almost audible.  I have never been on a hike like this one before.  I have never seen wildflowers, usually so dainty, pull off such a tour de force.  The montage of bright and vivid colors could really put any portrait to shame.  Simply put, it was wild.  It was so larger-than-life I suddenly understood why Julie Andrews did what she did when she pulled a flashmob in "The Sound of Music".  


Enough of my blabber.  I will let Mother Nature speak for itself in the pictures but realize that I don't do its beauty justice.  

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