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Postcards from Seattle

June 2, 2015

Our little Washington long weekend bookended in Seattle.  With not much time to spare, we spent the little time we had there enjoying quintessential Seattle: coffee, fresh seafood, a stroll on Ballard and Pike Place Market, the coastal winds, and the grey skies in the backdrop.  


Before "foodie" was a thing, I remember being in Seattle a few years ago and having that infamous piroshky from that bakery next to the first Starbucks at Pike's Place Market.  Piroshky is the Eastern European version of an empanada and the ones made here were really lovely and unforgettable.  Nowadays, you'd have to get in long line to get some, next to the people who want to take a selfies with their coffee at the first ever Starbucks.  Ah.. the world we live in! 


And speaking of coffee, right on the second floor, above Left Bank Books (which is an amazing local bookstore, reminiscent of Shakespeare and Co. in Paris) is Storyville.  A coffee doesn't equate to an hour at a line and it's actually damn good.  And if you want to witness the madness down below, just peer out the windows, while you sip your artisan coffee, scoffing at the absurd line at Starbucks.   
























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