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Breadwinner Series: Gourmet Grilled Cheese

June 3, 2015

A couple of weekends ago, I had the privlege of a rare private tour of local purveyor of kickass sourdough bread, Truckee Sourdough Company.  They sent me home with a bagful of freshly baked bread the weight of a grown child.  Our small household could not eat all that bread agressively enough so would chip away at our bread inventory here and there, and on days like today, post-work, pre-mountain bike ride, a grilled cheese is in order.  


Let me just say upfront that Truckee Sourdough Company's sliced sourdough is PERFECT for grilled cheese.  I tossed mine in a hot pan straight from the freezer with some torn sage cooking in butter and that thing crisped beautifully!


And speaking of sage... Here's the sage plant I've had since last fall that outlived our mild winter!

Sorry, I digress.  Yes.  The grilled cheese.


You will need:

Truckee Sourdough Company's sliced sourdough

A tablespoon of honey

A teaspoon of dijon mustard

A few slices of fontina cheese

A few sage leaves, torn up

A tablespoon of butter


To make:

1  Heat your butter in a small pan in medium heat and add the torn up sage.

2  Cook the sage until darker in color, but not burnt.

3  Meanwhile, combine honey and dijon mustard until thoroughly mixed.

4  Pile up two slices of bread on to the pan and turn down the heat.  The idea is to warm up the bread or if you're using straight from the freezer, to defrost it.  

5  When warmed/thawed, smear your honey dijon on each slice of bread.

6  Slap on your fontina cheese in between and put back on the pan browning each side as the cheese melts.  


It's that simple!


What's your favorite way to make grilled cheese?  







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