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Believing More and Defeating the Defeatists

June 11, 2015

I'm in the thick of a struggle with a person very, very dear to me.  And the struggle stems from a mismatch in attitudes.  There is nothing more that makes me feel defeated than a deafitist attitude. There's nothing I can do to help anyone who's already given up even before the race has begun.


I struggle with this big time because this is not in congruence with my world view.  This is not how I experience the world.  What adventure, the outdoors, and sports have taught me is that the boundaries of what is NOT possible is only defined by what you tell yourself.  If you tell yourself something cannot be done, something cannot be learned, well, it's game over.  


Others cannot run your race for you.  Others cannot summit your summit for you.  


I found these pictures that my friend and awesome default photographer, Jenny Sinocruz, took not very long ago.  I'm usually very giddy and excitable, but some of these pictures reflect my somber and stern mood today.  


Almost everyday, I get on my ramble because I wish some women would give themselves more credit because the reality is, we are stronger and smarter than we think.  The universe will open up if we step out, take risks, and more importantly, if we dare to fail.  


Nothing separates you from the women who succeed at things.  


They just believe more.  


The feminine and obviously motion and water-friendly active apparel are by Eddie Bauer's Travex line, featuring the Aster Tank (which I will live in all summer long - it's that awesome) and Voyager II Pants.  Travex is Eddie Bauer's line of quality hybrid clothing that suits both travel and the trail.  I've worn both of the pictured pieces in both conditions and they performed extremely well. This is not a sponsored post. At least, not yet. :)













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