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Salty-Savory-Sweet Spices and Teas: The World in a Bottle

June 27, 2015

Sometimes, the most briliant, fearless, and radically passionate of ideas surface while picnicking in a garden across from the Palais Royal in Paris, nibbling on foie gras, potato chips, and apparently, indulging on a decent amount of wine.  I know this because this exactly how the idea of Salty-Savory-Sweet Spices and Teas on 100 California Avenue in Reno, NV was conceived.


When I go on self-imposed writing assignments like these, I never have any concrete idea of what to expect.  The warmth and sunshine of Lindy Pastor, 50% of Salty-Savory-Sweet Spices and Teas (Brent, her husband, is the other 50%) who regaled me with riveting story after riveting story of their travels around the world, was definitely a delightful surprise.  And so was the manifesto of such a niched shop in town. 


You would wonder what traveling around the world has to do with some ground up seed or leaf or herb. 



Yes, it is the place to get high quality and gourmet spices, salts and teas, which the tandem Brent and Lindy strive to get the freshest of and devoid of any fillers,   There is enough colors, smells, and tastes in here to keep you occupied for hours.  A great number of salts, peppercorns, curries, chiles, bottled extracts, loose leaf teas - every local cook, chef, baker, and gourmand will inevitably find this to be their happy place.  

But at the crux of Salty-Savory-Sweet Spices and Teas is an attempt to bring the world to you - the lavenders of Provence, the truffle (mixed with salt) of Italy, the curries, be it from Africa, Japan or India.  It aims to awaken your tastebuds as much as it submliminally nudges your curiousity about the different cultures of the world that eventually, you would want to rush to the RNO airport and jet off somewhere exotic, stat (the Palais Royal gardens might be a great idea.  BYOB).    


Salty-Savory-Sweet Spices and Teas is global travel and wanderlust manifested.  It is not just a spice shop.  In every jar is the world bottled up.



The long wait is over!  Salty-Savory-Sweet Spices and Teas, finally opens their doors tomorrow, June 27th.  They're located at 100 California Avenue, next door to Old World Coffee.  If you purchase something tomorrow, you'll get a small baggie of premium Saigon cinnamon for free!  I overheard Lindy saying it's outstanding sprinkled on Greek yogurt.  Catch Lindy when you can.  She has many tips on what goes well with what.  And if you're lucky, it will come included with a travel story!


Many many thanks to Brent and Lindy who indulged me with their stories one day before showtime. To wanderlust and global travel!



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