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Brevent: Last Look at the Mont Blanc Massif

July 30, 2015

If there is a vision of Mont Blanc I want to leave you with to inspire you to contemplate even the remote possibility of making it to the French Alps, it would probably be this unobstructed panorama from Brevent, on the mountain facing the Mont Blanc Massif.  It was a humbling chance to meditate on one's smallness and insignificance relative to this beautiful monstrosity.  


The hectic days of traveling have finally caught up with us this afternoon.  Short of having to employ all my female skills of trickery, pleading, and bargaining, I negotiated with The Dutch that we will go up Brevent, not my way (hike up) but we will do it the easy way.  On a chair lift.  


I would have been totally dishonest with myself if I say that that should have been the cause of an emotional meltdown.  After all, I had to keep flaunting my hiker badger on.  But the moment we got off the chair lift, the mountain wind immediately on our faces, bells from grazing goat nearby audibly stamping this indelible image in my head, we spotted a place insulated from the fierce wind, I plopped down and fell asleep.   


To this. 


Getting There

The lift to Brevent and Flegere is covered by the Mont Blanc MultiPass and the station is in Chamonix.  Hike up or take the cable car up to Brevent.  Site information can be found here.    


Trail Gear Featured

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Merci Beacoup

to the Chamonix-Mont Blanc Office de Tourisme

for sponsoring my Mont Blanc Multipass.

Traveling to Mont Blanc soon?  Get your Multipass here.  

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