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Where to Stay in Chamonix: Les Aiglons

August 6, 2015

Over the years of traveling, I have learned the lesson that taking a day off here and there is rather essential to keeping the burnout at bay.  We tend to mix travel and adventure and as difficult as it is to slow down, there are days when those are the easiest decisions you'll make.  After hiking every day in the Mont Blanc area, we stumbled upon this beautiful boutique hotel in Chamonix and the pool with stunning Mont Blanc and Glacier des Bossons views was enough to convince us to stay one more day in Chamonix, doing practically, well, nothing.


5 Reasons TO Stay at Les Aiglons in Chamonix


1  Pool Views of Mont Blanc

How often have you stayed at a hotel with a pool and found that yourself checking out without even dipping a toe in the pool?  That has happened to me way too many times, but this wasn't to be one of them.  There are not very many hotels with a swimming pool in the Chamonix area, and I can almost guarantee that there are even less properties with this view.  After breakfast, I went for a swim and read a book (actually read a book!) poolside.  

2  Free Loaner City Bikes 

The tricky thing about time is you can never predict when it will slow down in your favor.  It is always a gift when it does tim as it did for us on our final few hours in Chamonix.  After a relaxing morning poolside, we hopped on these two-wheelers, free to loan from the hotel, to see more of Chamonix.  It made us feel a little less guilty about our easy day.  

3  FREE Activites for the Active Traveler

Les Aiglons realizes that the average traveler in Chamonix is active and adventurous and therefore, they cater to their whims, if only to offer complimentary classes or small guided hiking tours. I happened to take my first ever yoga class in French and after days of hiking, it felt good to stretch and meditate.  On some days, they offer free Nordic walking tours around the valley.  The hotel also has sauna facilities which are free to use for guests. 

4  Substantial Breakfast Buffet

Although not free on standard packages, Les Aiglons offers good, substantial hot and cold breakfasts.  I mean, have you had French scrambled eggs before?  There is a secret to them, I'm sure, as in, they're not fried, and they do a pretty good job here.  There's a selection of yogurts and a variety of French cheeses and pastries that remind you that you're in France and food is meant to be good.  And while you're at it, start your day with breakfast al fresco.  You're welcome.

5  Good Design Sense

I've always appreciated good design sense in boutique hotels.  Les Aiglons had a Scandinavian design feel to it, which I loved.  The design was colorful and playful without going overboard.  The bedrooms are basic but clean, and some even have Mont Blanc views.  The bed and beddings are uber comfortable.  

Les Aiglons is located at 27 Avenue de Courmayeur, Chamonix, France.

Website here.


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