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Where to Stay in Chamonix: Le Vert

August 9, 2015

The French Alps of your dreams might just be closer to attainable because of how the US dollar has shown its (long lost) dominance over the last couple of years.  If you've put off your travel plans to Europe, Switzerland, or Japan, I suggest that you quit twiddling your thumbs and get on the cheapest flight ASAP.  The days of $1.10 to the euro might be numbered.  Who knows?


Even still, this no-frills but very clean digs at Les Gaillands, mere kilometers away from downtown Chamonix, is in relative standards, a pretty sweet deal.  At less than 100 euros a night for a standard room for two during peak season (it could even dip to an average of 80 euros during low and shoulder seasons), there shouldn't be any more complaining that Europe is too expensive. This is a more competitive rate than what you will get for a hotel room in a similar alpine town in the US, like Lake Tahoe, for instance.  


If you have unfounded assumptions that Europe travel is too expensive, I would like challenge that with facts.  I wonder if you were thinking about Switzerland.


The accommodations are simple, as I have mentioned, but this is what you will find in most European hotels anyway.  Air conditioning?  How about double doors that allow you visions of Auguille du Midi the second you open your eyes in the morning instead?  The bathroom is teeny for American standards, but it is spotless with tiles that have obviously just been recently refreshed. The wifi is reliable and steady, but when you're on holiday with Mont Blanc in your face, you really ought to put down that electronic device.  


There is a restaurant onsite, but the chef was MIA during our stay so we had to dine elsewhere, which again, really is not a big deal.  In fact, on our first night, we shopped for a DIY charcuterie downtown and a salad, and that was plenty satisfying for us.  


There is, however, a bar downstairs and the weekend we stayed, there was a big (American) wedding party that had drinks every night.  They were loud and because of the proximity of our room to the bar, we heard their annoying drunken chatter all night for a couple of nights.  To avoid any danger of this ocurring to you, ask for the room farthest away from the bar and your should be alright.  


In Les Gaillands itself, there is a serene lake, a rock wall for climbing and restaurants nearby.  I love it especially at dusk when the town quiets down and we sit at the terrace, sipping some wine, gazing on the orange purple hues descending on the white peaks of Mont Blanc. 


Vert Hotel Chamonix is located at 964 Route des Gaillands, Chamonix.  Official website can be found here










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