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Your BFF is You

October 16, 2016





Before last Sunday, I could probably count with two fingers the number of things I would wake up super early for on a

Sunday morning: (1) an early morning flight to someplace exceptional and exciting, and (2) a long hike someplace

exceptional and exciting.  


After Sunday, I would include BFF Cafe's brunch to that growing short list.  It may sound

like blogger hyperbole, but with cold, dark, autumn Sunday mornings, a bright and colorful plate of healthy
goodness may be that perfect bribe to depart bed before the sun makes that important appearance,

 work out for a bit, and then reward yourself with delicious brunch.


 If you are in Reno, you would have heard of BFF Cafe by now.  They just celebrated one year so if you haven't

been yet, what I am wondering is which rock did you just crawl under from?  In the one year it has been open,
BFF Cafe has earned a following for offering clean, healthy food sans the cardboard-esque taste often
(wrongly) associated with food that is good for you.  At BFF Cafe, though, you get the best of both -

lip-smacking goodness without the guilt.



 I had just returned from two weeks in Carblandia (a.k.a. Italy) and while I have zero regrets about

doing as the Romans do (a.k.a. face-stuffing with dolce, pasta, many many times a day), I knew in the

back of my head there will be a day of reckoning.  Without intense workouts, my body could only take

so much starch and carbs, so having BFF Cafe around is really making it convenient to get back into

a low-carb-ish diet without worrying about cooking when I can't even keep awake due to jet lag.



BFF Cafe is proudly women-owned by friends Gwen Sedler and Jen Boscovich.

Before entrepreneurship, they have already been staunchly into health and fitness, especially

since both are fitness competitors.  Jen is also a nurse and nutritionist, and Gwen is a corporate

career woman who shuttles in and out of Reno airport working for one of the largest and most successful

software companies in the world. Together, they recognized the vacuum in the area for reliably clean,

healthy, and delicious food that catered to the 50 shades of healthy eating - vegan, vegetarian, paleo,

low-carb, gluten-free, etc.  But it also has to be quick and accessible to fit the lifestyle of busy individuals.

BFF Cafe was thus born.


BFF Café has garnered fame for tasty food that is familiar to most, except it is substituted with

healthier ingredients.  Think cauliflower as “bread” for an egg white “sandwich” or as a pizza dough,

or grated zucchini for noodles (see “zoodles” on the menu).  On this specific occasion, I went for brunch

and although it is something I would never order or make myself, I really loved the egg white sandwich

made with cauliflower “bread” and served with sweet potatoes on the side.  I also got to try the breakfast

burrito with turkey sausage and potatoes wrapped in spinach tortilla and smothered with hot sauce,

it was very tasty and delicious.  Not watching your carbs?  There's bread and potatoes on the menu

as well so, it might be safe to say that there is something healthy for everybody.   



Between the cycling, traveling, and the bazillion hobbies I commit myself to, I never underestimate the 

value of proper nutrition is.  If I eat crap for a string of days, the effect on my body and health is almost

immediate but always noticeable.  I try my hardest to eat the healthiest and cleanest diet I could,

but I will be the first to admit that meal planning takes work and time.  Having a BFF Cafe around,

however, will make choosing to eat healthy and stick to the plan easier, especially with their delivery

service and to-go "fuel packs".  Health is a choice.  Always.  And no one else could take care of you

better than your own BFF.  You.



BFF Cafe is located at 3594 W Plumb Lane, Reno, NV.

Find them here and on Facebook here.


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