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Holiday Shopping at The Cooking Gallery

December 12, 2016





Not to cause panic, but did you realize it’s only two weeks

before Christmas?  While online shopping has left our lives

changed forever, there’s something special and festive about

Christmas shopping at an actual store (where you actually

have to put on clothes), with a crowd of other shoppers.


I hate shopping in general, but Christmas is that one time

I admittedly enjoy it.  I actually like shopping for that one

time of the year when I think about what to get multitude

of people something special, clever, and useful.  And while

I hardly ever set foot at a mall anymore, thanks to the

convenience offered by shopping from the coziness of

your couch, I feel differently about specialty stores where

shopping is actually a pleasant experience, not merely a chore.



The Cooking Gallery is a new niche cooking store in Reno

that just opened its doors this fall.  The original store has been a

fixture in Truckee for many years, and Suzanne Preaseau, ½ of

the sibling tandem that run the Truckee and now the Reno store,

is excited to be in the thick of the rapidly changing Reno food scene. 



I’m sure you have at least one gourmand or cook in your list

(that, plus yourself),  and I would recommend you consider

shopping local and buying from this well-stocked cooking

supply store.  Yes, they have dishes and all imaginable baking

and cooking implements, but they also carry specialty items

for the beer lovers, the coffee junkies, or the party hostess.




 The Cooking Gallery is located at 606 W. Plumb Lane, Reno, NV.

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