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Cartwheels, Snow, and Mountains

January 3, 2017



Snow & Mountains




By now, I am sure you would recognize that when I say

"cartwheels", I mean it in the utterly metaphorical sense.

Yesterday, I reflected on the current state of affairs of my

me-ness and it is inevitable that with that, I think about

what is next for this digital and visual storytelling platform

that is Do Cartwheels with Me.


It is difficult to set metrics for this blog since after all, this

only exists as a part-time enterprise, with my 9-5 occupying

the full-time bit (and no complaints there either).  But stories - 

be it from the outdoors or overseas, from the Sierras or

San Francisco, from the mountains to the meadows - has never

been a question for me.  It is what I do to keep sane and to

keep my right brain engaged.  In the process, I hope I am able

to stoke whatever little inspiration I can to our growing tribe

of women travelers, hikers, and doers.  


And that in itself is privilege enough for me to try to
bring beautiful places to you as you sit there scrolling

absent-mindedly on the bus or the train, in bed or the plane.


Thank you for the privilege.


Cartwheels, Snow & Mountains,








 Plumas-Eureka is a state park located in Johnsville, in northeastern California.

Sometimes referred to as the "Lost Sierras", this area has abundant hiking

trails and alpine lakes.  The general area is equidistant to Truckee and/or Reno.










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