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Snowshoeing Tahoe Flume Trail

February 6, 2017







Many things, those of importance and borne of

conviction, those that are of consequence, those

things that matter, they are difficult.


When it comes to these matters, instant

gratification has no place.  Those who are fine

with complacency and who don’t value heavy

lifting, perseverance, and hard work – no, they

don’t have a place here.  The hill may be steep and

challenging - nobody promises a walk in the park, 

but it’s not how fast you get up there,

it’s the fact that you actually will get there. 


The reward is only reserved for those who have

the courage, the determination, to those with a

sense of wild adventure and curiosity, those who

don’t mind being uncomfortable because it’s

worth it.  Those who won’t find themselves ever

saying, “No, I’ll just stay down here.”



What awaits you when you arrive, will astonish

you.  It will leave you breathless – that’s a

guarantee.  But man, is it worth every single

panting breath, every racing heartbeat.  





 The Tahoe Flume Trail arguably offers one of the

most stunning 180 degree views of Lake Tahoe.

This is on the northeast side of Tahoe in Incline

Village.  In the summer, this is a popular, if

challenging mountain bike/hiking/running trail.  

Last summer, we mountain biked from Spooner

Lake to Marlette Lake to the Flume Trail and while

it was difficult as heck, it was also simultaneously

one of those things you feel privilege having

conquered because of that exact reason.


In the winter, and in a winter like this one, no less,

the trail is open to snowshoers and cross-country

skiers.  Because of the amount of snow on the

ground, you have carte blanche to define your

trail should you choose to veer away from the

beaten path.  You just have to make sure you

don't do anything reckless and stupid.  The

higher up you get, the more stunning the

views are.  Have fun!








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