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February 25, 2017






For someone who wanted to get away from winter for a weekend, we sure could have

picked somewhere sunnier and beachier, somewhere with temps preferably in the

70’s or higher, perhaps?  We didn’t have time to go anywhere far-flung on a

three-day weekend, and the Sonoma Coast is just a drive away so yes, we got

the coast pat down.  Warmer weather?  Not too much.




While the Sierras is still buried in snow, Sonoma already has a leg up in spring. 

Everything’s lush and green and has come back from winter hibernation.  It’s the

season of my many favorite things to eat – strawberries, oranges – and even

Dungeness crab.  And Sonoma is still wine country so yes, the bliss

seems like an endless litany of wonderfully amazing things.



A stay in Sea Ranch Lodge is a luxurious splurge we hardly ever indulge in.  But considering its

location right on the coast and its myriad of coastline trails surrounding the property,

it was a justifiable one.  It is a post-modern design hotel with an impressive aesthetic.

I am a fan of clean, if hard lines, and also of wood, and if I were to plop my eco-friendly

Scandinavian-inspired container tiny home/cabin on this coastline, it may very well

draw inspiration from a place like this.









There isn’t a TV in the room and my cellphone had ZERO reception here (WIN – although there is wi-fi) and it was delicious to unplug (especially from all the political upheaval).  Especially when waking up to pitter-patter of rain on the roof, a roaring fire, the Pacific Ocean visible from when you wake – AND you got nowhere to go but breakfast, this is priceless. 











There’s something self-righteous and accomplished about reading a newspaper in

its entirety anymore.  It’s one of those things that I truly enjoy doing (the Dutch’s

influence), only it requires such an inordinate and obscene amount of time to

consume one cover to cover.   But at the unhurried pace at Sea Ranch, over

breakfast, looking out to the crashing waves and the rain, we did just that. 

Languorously picked apart and pored over the Sunday New York Times

and the San Francisco Chronicle like its going out of style. 



We came here to escape winter temporarily, but what I didn’t realize was

that maybe what I was seeking was a little preview of spring.  As beautiful

as the interiors of Sea Ranch Lodge was, the great outdoors also beckons

and the maze of coastline trails right outside our doorstep was another

reason why this place is special.


Sea Ranch Lodge is located at 60 Sea Walk Drive, The Sea Ranch, California,

along Highway 1, north of Jenner, about two hours from San Francisco.


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