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A Different Tuscany Itinerary

September 11, 2017








Italy is one of my favorite countries to visit.  For most of many travelers, it has the perfect combination of gastronomy,

great people, and rich culture and history and the farther you move away from the big cities such as Rome and Venice,

you will find that Italy is a rather inexpensive place to visit as well.  For me, this is the pull of Italy, and although

I have been going to Italy to visit every year for the last three years, there are many regions left to explore

that on the only trip I’ll make to Europe this year, Italy is a definite go.  


If you are seeking an authentic Italian experience and want to acquaint yourself with the extremely warm

Italian hospitality, I recommend a stay in the countryside, preferably in a farmhouse (called “agriturismo”). 

There’s a whole slew of these farmhouses all over Italy and most, if not all, will have a “kilometer zero”

philosophy when it comes to food.  That means the wine you’re drinking and the cheese you’re having is

either grown and produced within the property, or sourced from a neighbor’s farm.


Tuscany is on the radar of many travelers.  After all, some of the great Italian wines that have

garnered fame in the US are produced here.   Also, it has a very romantic and picturesque flair to

it – medieval castles, rolling hills, vineyards.  But after you’ve seen Florence and Siena and its

neighboring hill towns, there are many other parts of Tuscany that are worth seeing

and even coming back for on a return trip to Tuscany. 


Here’s an alternative itinerary to Tuscany in the province of Maremma.  Part mountain, part

coastline, this southern part of Tuscany is easily accessible either by train or car from Rome.  






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