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The Thing is... I Don't Know

January 3, 2018




Oftentimes, travelers put on a lot of pressure on themselves.  After all, traveling

requires quite a bit of planning and it is in our nature to plot things out, if only to work the

machinations of our imaginations.  I myself have a spreadsheet that keeps tabs of my leave

bank (and I know I'm not alone since I met a fellow traveler in Iceland who does just the same!)

and it brings me such pleasure to track down my balances and figure out simultaneously how to

ration them and where to use them.


I've noticed that each year, I've become more spontaneous and flexible with

travel planning.  And the absence of a firm agenda has led to some rather 

remarkable adventures in 2017, so why not do it all over again?




2017 was challenging in many fronts, but I choose to dwell in the beautiful things -

and there were plenty.  From hiking 50 miles in the wild Peruvian Andes to eating

our way around Buenos Aires, to discovering little pockets of pristine nature

in Mexico, to finally living the dream of hiking in Patagonia,

2017 was fast and furious.



In the coming year, I hope maybe to do some hiking in the south of New Zealand.  Maybe

return to Japan to hike its National Parks.  Perhaps it's the year to go to Greenland or even 
Alaska for a glacier chase.  And there's still the ever-tantalizing allure of the Dolomites.

But who knows?  What if the opportunity to trek in Bhutan presents itself?  I can't turn

that one down.



  I don't make resolutions per se, but every year, I do like to set a theme to keep me inspired

and help guide decisions (no matter how big) throughout the year.  This year, I hope to increase

my positive social impact, as well as to shower the people around me with as much love as

possible.  I keep a tight circle on purpose because I do believe that each relationship is an

investment in time and energy.  We have recently grappled with the loss of someone very

close and important that it is a reminder of how life is fragile and how we should cherish

people now and today, like it's our last day.



It's not my most coherent blog post, but I hate to pass up on the opportunity to wish

everyone near and far the happiest of new years ahead.  Let's all make 2018 count!


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