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I Haven't Done This in a While

October 1, 2018






I haven't done this in a while, so excuse me while I quickly dust off and clear the cobwebs gathering on this blog.  I can't come up with a

juicy enough reason why I've been MIA and the best I can come up with is that Annie Leibovitz master class ad on photography.  She shares

the story that one of her favorite photos is of artist Agnes Martin.  "She said to me: 'I sit here and I wait to be inspired.'  I love that.  And I
said, 'Would you just sit there?'  Isn't that what we all do?  We wait to be inspired?"


So the short of it is that I sat around and waited.  And to be honest, it was more sitting around than waiting.  And today, I got tired of 

the sitting around.  I picked up my camera, packed up my hiking bag, and went.  Solo.


The half hour drive south to Washoe Lake was pretty.  The roads were practically empty on a Sunday afternoon.  It had been a warm

couple of days, too warm for September actually, but as the sun prepares its dramatic exit, there's a noticeable drop in temperature.

I do not have a clear cut idea of where I was going so I drove around until I settled on a couple of spots, one in the park, and one on

the side of the road.

I missed this.  Camera in hand, seeing the world through a viewfinder, attempting to convey in a story what I felt and saw.  The sun was
about to set and the air was crisp and fresh.  I went on a short walk on the beach, marveling at the magnitude of mountains that

surround me.  Ahh... magic hour is here.



I'm looking forward to photographing the fall colors this season, but my plan was to drive to Northern California.  

I realized today that Northern Nevada has dramatic fall colors as well!  We don't have to veer far from our backyard because

I think there's plenty of drama right here with the sagebrush in bloom.



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