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Fall Hiking with Lowa Boots

October 29, 2018







In just a couple more weeks, fall will have come and gone and its place, winter will arrive and hang around for a few months.  This beautiful moment of transition brings color, drama.  The rustle of leaves in the wind, the crisp underfoot, the occasional rain shower - autumn is one of the sweet spots of hiking.  You don't have to deal with heat or with the annoyance brought on by bugs and mosquitoes.  Here in the Sierras, fall is making a late appearance.  I remember years before when this time of the year, a handful of ski resorts would already be open and we would already be skiing on the last week of October.  Not this year.  It has been warm, in the 70's, and while that confuses and disrupts the order of nature, we are taking advantage by hiking and cycling until the mountains are socked with snow.


After last year's impromptu adventure of exploring this side of the Sierras during the winter, I knew I had to come back during a different season.  It's a remarkably beautiful area of Carson River running next to the highway and the backdrop of huge Sierra passes tower from everywhere so it seems.  Add to that the drama of turning colors and I am giddy for days.


 As is becoming more and more common with these snippets of short adventures, we find ourselves without a laid-out plan.  We jumped in the car and drove southwest and sought a trail.  The beauty of such an impulsive decision is that it's reliable that we are never short-changed.  Because out here in the Sierras, as long as the sky is blue and the sun is out, it is rather easy to have an amazing day filled with adventure.



Days like these call for sturdy gear, though, to be prepared for anything.  More than the cult status it has achieved in the hiking world, I have sworn by these Lowa Renegade Boots since they've proven their worth on numerous trails, including a perilous descent on mud after a rainstorm in the Salkantay Trail in Peru.  I knew The Dutch needed an upgrade and so I took it upon myself to outfit him with a pair.  A day in the mountains mean that there are many variables at play and there's always a chance of the elements - rain, snow, mud.  Underfoot, there will be loose dirt, gravel, a river crossing perhaps.  For this, a sturdy all-around, all-weather, competent boot is essential and the Lowa Renegade GTX checks all those boxes.


Everything I love about the mountains is right here.  Trees, forests, big skies.  Sunshine and happy faces.  The gurgling of a river.  Birds of prey hovering overhead.  A panorama of mountains everywhere your eyes dwell.  Days like this, I am grateful this is my life.




Hope Valley and the surrounding areas provide so much opportunities for exploring the outdoors not just hiking.  It is located south of Lake Tahoe on Highway 88.  Fall color is already past its peak, but it's a beautiful place to visit nonetheless.  See more info here


Lowa is a European brand with boots mostly made in Europe.  Full collection of boots here




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