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Hello October

October 8, 2018





It must be really here, then.  Autumn.  For a while, we've had warm spells through the first couple of days of October, but after the all that rain the last couple of days, it looks and smells li

ke Fall is here and it's staying.  I ventured out today at sunset and it's the first time I've felt my hands freeze.  Yup.  There's no denying that change is here and it's staying.  There is procrastination currently underway for getting as much miles on the bicycle as possible, before it's too cold to do any decent riding.  The summer garden is winding down; the tomatoes won't quit, but they will have to soon.  But honestly, I'm just holding my breath (and have been the last few months) for a major trip I have in the next few weeks.  

It's been a while AND I CAN'T WAIT.  


In the meantime, it's time to end the debate of whether to turn on the heat at home and whether you should take out your sweaters from storage.  Yes, it is here.  I hope y'all are enjoying your fall and your pumpkin-everything!






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