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August 8, 2017



We are, for the most part, what one may call active and adventure 

travelers, but there is a hush about this place that we gave in to naps,

long walks on the beach, occasionally seeing huge fish leap in the air or

tiny crab fighting being washed away by the tide, and swimming in the pool -

something we hardly ever do!  





It is quite embarrassing to admit how I don't remember ever having Mexican wine before.

But having done so this time has elevated my knowledge of Mexico as a gastronomic

destination.  Sure, an authentic roadside taco stand and the freshest ceviche you can 

find anywhere is reason enough to go anyway, but so are the subtler and softer flavors

apparently found in new Mexican cooking and in the bold presence found in their wines.

The elements may be familiar - corn meal, avocados, habanero sauce - but the muted,

clean tastes really surprised me about Mexican food done this way.





The beautiful Hotel San Cristobal is located at the end of a dirt road off a turnout on Highway 19.

Google maps work here so long as you have signal.  Website here.


Hotel San Cristobal hosts five-course dinners on the upcoming dates: August 17th & September 14th.

If you're in the area on these dates, these dinners are not to miss!  Details here.



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