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The Easy Charm of Alberobello

July 7, 2018



It is not very difficult for me at all to overthink a trip.  I confess to being a serious travel nerd and while there are many people who are daunted (or bored) by trip planning, I, on the other hand, live for it.  This trip to Puglia in southern Italy in early summer was my brainchild.  After the flights purchased and the masseria booked (more on that later), the next logical step was to stare at a map and mentally trace potential road trip itineraries.  I would dare to say that planning this trip has been one of the easiest ones yet since there are so many picturesque beaches and UNESCO World Heritage Sites within striking distance.


Take Alberobello, for instance.  Alberobello is a town famous for its concentration of these whitewashed stone huts with conical roofs called "trulli".  While they can be found scattered all over the Itria Valley of Puglia, Alberobello has the most concentration of them - about 1,500 in total.  This, and the authenticity of the manner of construction of trulli which date back to prehistoric times, are the reasons why this otherwise quiet place made it to the UNESCO World Heritage list.  It is still inhabited today, although with the influx of tourism, many residents have chosen to profit from it and have converted their trullo to souvenir shops.




I cannot tell you much about Alberobello or its history, though because I was just happy to stroll around and take pictures.  This is in sharp contrast to my first visit to Italy a few years ago (and the subsequent ones after that) where I was toting books, audio guides, museum guides, podcasts - just nerding out on all the art and history.  


This time, our travels noticeably matched the rhythm of Puglia.  


Piano, piano.


Which I am perfectly happy with.  


Perhaps I'm on my way to becoming Italian?








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