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Every once in a while, my mind would wander to the obscure corners of the world The Dutch and I have explored together.  I found myself reminiscing about this little known town in the Veneto region of Italy, north of Venice.  This is also the home of Prosecco and the fabled home of tiramisu.  Unfortunately for us, we found neither. We arrived around 2pm and of course, it slipped our mind that in most parts of Italy, the entire town practically down for lunch.  We also hoped to catch the fresh market, but again, we arrived too late.  Nonetheless, we still had a great afternoon on our on-the-fly afternoon in Treviso.

There are a multitude of canals around Treviso which actually gave it a Holland feel.  There were many small bridges that were very charming - a prelude to what awaits in Venice.


We eventually found a place to have lunch at, but the quest for a Prosecco was in vain and if we did order tiramisu, I really don't remember.  Which isn't a totally good sign, right?


If you go: Hit Via Palestro and Via Pescheria for food shopping.  Note that they are closed on Wednesday afternoons and Sundays.